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Line: Oh My Blonde!

Activator 5 VOL.

Tubo da 100 ml

Per le clienti:
Per le clienti:

Tubo da 20 ml

Disponibile in 22 serie

103 nuances miscelabili tra loro

Diluizione 1:1,5

Oxidizing emulsion

Oxidizing emulsion 5 vol/1.5%.
Stabilized developer specifi cally formulated to guarantee maximum performance when used with BLONDE TONER shades mixed with pH MODULATOR. This better controls the lightening of the natural melanin. 

The  advantages

Protect and restructure the hair from within

Protect the hair during the lightening process

Minimizing hair damage

Improve the brightness and the resistance

Choose if

You want healthy and shiny hair

You want to protect your hair during the bleaching process

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How to use

It in mixture with BLONDE TONER and pH MODULATOR: (see brochure).

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