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Wondhairful -FOR DREAMY HAIR

Innovative line of lenght’s treatment.

State-of-the-art formulas and enveloping fragrances to give the hair a real beauty ritual.


Crystalsphere is a microencapsulation technology that improves bio-availability and lasting effect of lipophilic active complex and optimizes its cosmetic performanceIt fixes itself on the hair surface even after rinsing and, thanks to its gradual release technologies, Chrystalsphere improves the absorption and the efficacy of the active ingredients.

EZ-Rinse Itely Hairfashion’s R&D studied a new technology that reduces water consumption during washing and rinsing process. All the masks of the line WondHairFul contain a vegetable based conditioning agent water dispersible and biodegradable. They are designed to minimize the consumption of water thanks to them formula studied with fast rinsing properties.

Color Longevity  The innovative formula of WondHairFul products allows you to extend the life of color and it maintains brightness. Seals the cuticles, preventing release of pigments, avoiding thus fading of the color by 26%. Thanks to a blend of vegetable oils, Japanese Camellia and Wheat, rich of omega 3, 6 and 9, the content lipid is rebuilt and keratin of the hair is protected.

Urban Shield All the products of WONDHAIRFUL line have been formulated with the URBAN SHIELD, an active ingredient with anti-pollution properties. It creates a barrier between the hair and the external environment. URBAN SHIELD delivers a coating protection around the hair fibers. When the hair is protected from UV rays and pollution, the color is protected and shiner.